Marine Growth

Marine Growth Assessment

BMT Cordah provides quantitative and qualitative marine growth assessments on offshore structures.

BMT Cordah is an established environmental consultancy, with more than 30 years' experience in assessing, quantifying and predicting the marine growth pattern on offshore structures, both in UK and international waters.

Recognised within the regulations governing the construction and survey of offshore installations, it is a requirement of the guidance notes to:

  • Account for marine growth in the design of offshore structures and assess marine growth against design profiles in existing offshore structures.
  • Make design allowances for marine growth on offshore structures and undertake periodic inspection to evaluate marine growth against design tolerances

The methodology currently used by the industry to assess marine growth on offshore structures was developed by BMT Cordah.

Using their detailed understanding of the characteristics of marine growth on offshore structures, our specialists can:

  • Advise on methods for obtaining quantitative data
  • Analyse ROV and diver survey videos
  • Assess the composition and percentage cover of the main types of fouling
  • Estimate the total added mass that the marine growth represents
  • Provide information to enable engineers to understand the depth/ thickness profile of marine growth on existing and new offshore structures
  • Predict future fouling scenarios
  • Support assessment and management of marine growth on offshore structures scheduled for decommissioning

Our Customers include:

  • BP
  • CNR International (UK) Ltd
  • ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd
  • Oil & Gas UK
  • Shell UK Limited
  • Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd
  • Total E&P UK Ltd
  • Zen Ocean Ltd
marine growth

Marine Growth

This is a brochure covering BMT Cordah's work in Marine Growth.