Licensing round

Licensing Rounds

BMT Cordah has over 20 years' experience in the provision of cost-effective environmental support during UKCS licensing rounds.

Applications must include an appended environmental report that demonstrates to the regulator that operators have a thorough understanding of the environmental and socioeconomic characteristic and limitation in, and immediately adjacent, to the block(s) of interest.

To date, BMT Cordah have authored environmental reports to support applications within the Offshore 2016 Supplementary Round, 29th and 28th licensing for numerous major operators. Summarising all the sensitive receptors and environmental constraints, these reports assisted the operators in the development of strategies for site suitability assessment and also to minimise environmental and socioeconomic impact. The reports included detail on the following topics:

  • Annex I and II species and habitats;
  • Fisheries statistics;
  • Marine mammal species and concentration;
  • Metocean conditions;
  • Nursery and spawning grounds of economically important fish species; and
  • Seabird sensitivities throughout the year.

The high standard of these reports contributed to the majority of applications successfully winning competitive licensing awards. The following clients were supported during the Offshore 2016 Supplementary Round, 29th and 28th Licensing Rounds:

  • BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd;
  • Centrica Energy Exploration & Production;
  • ConocoPhillips UK Ltd;
  • Endeavour Energy UK Ltd;
  • Ithaca Energy (UK) Ltd;
  • Norwegian Energy Company ASA;
  • Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd;
  • Total E&P UK Ltd; 
  • Trap Oil Group PLC;
  • Xcite Energy Resources Ltd.

The blocks released within the 30th Offshore Licensing Round ( focus on the more mature areas of the UKCS and include the Southern, Central and Northern North Sea, the West of Shetland and East Irish Sea. BMT Cordahs’ in-house environmental and socio-economic database includes those areas released within the 30th Offshore Licensing Round. With such a vast internal database, coupled with staff whom actively participated in the Offshore 2016 Supplementary Round, 29th and 28th Licensing Rounds, we are able to offer a rapid, well-informed, cost-effective service for the provision of an appended environmental report.

Licensing round capability statement

Licensing Rounds

This is a brochure covering BMT Cordah's experience with Seaward and Landward licensing rounds.