environmental impact assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements

BMT Cordah prepares Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of producing an Environmental Statement (ES) for submission to the regulator is a detailed programme of work to evaluate the potential environmental impacts, both positive and negative, from a proposed project.

Over the last decade, BMT Cordah has successfully delivered more than 50 ESs under the Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipelines (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations 1999 and the Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipelines (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations (Amendment) 2007 for customers in the UK. 

BMT Cordah’s EIA Services

BMT Cordah completes Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and prepares high quality Environmental Statements (ESs) to meet the project planning, permitting and management requirements of the UK oil and gas industry. We provide objective and independent advice and support, focussed solely on meeting our customers’ EIA requirements.

Our oil and gas UKCS EIA experience includes preparing ESs for:

  • Seismic surveys
  • Exploratory, development and production drilling
  • New platforms
  • New pipelines and subsea tie-backs
  • Platform upgrades and modifications
  • Increases in production
  • Terminals and terminal modifications
  • All types of offshore decommissioning

Our EIA team has been involved in a wide variety of offshore oil and gas ESs in a range of different locations, including:

  • The northern, central and southern North Sea
  • Moray Firth
  • West coast of Scotland
  • Ireland and Irish Sea
  • North-west of Shetland

Our ESs cover habitats such as: offshore, coastal, conservation sites and other sensitive environments.

EIA Team

Our experienced EIA team provides a comprehensive range of specialist skills and knowledge to ensure that all potential significant environmental impacts associated with a proposed development or activity are assessed accurately and objectively, so that appropriate mitigation measures can be identified and implemented by the Project team.

The BMT offshore EIA team has considerable experience in:

  • interfacing with project engineering teams
  • consulting with the regulatory authorities, conservation bodies and other stakeholders
  • undertaking facilitated scoping / ENVID workshops
  • modelling fate and effects of atmospheric and aqueous discharges
  • modelling the extent and effects of anthropogenic underwater noise
  • assessing potential impacts under the EU “Habitats” directive
  • designing mitigation measures and monitoring programmes
  • preparing Environmental Statements, and material in support of Appropriate Assessments

EIA Process

Our EIA team has a long history of working together. For all EIA projects we assign a Project Director to ensure the smooth running of the project and to provide advice and support to both the client and the EIA team. Project Managers are allocated to manage individual EIAs, manage the EIA team and interface with the client.

Our EIA team works closely together and with the client to ensure that the project is completed on schedule, fulfilling the client’s specific needs, regulatory requirements and providing the client with a high quality service.

We actively encourage the involvement of the Project team in the environmental assessment process through their participation in an ENVID workshop facilitated by BMT Cordah.

BMT Cordah ES project experience

Golden Eagle Area Development, Rochelle Development, Blackbird Development, Pi Development, Greater Rosebank Drilling Programme, Burghley Development, Bardolino Development, Europa E5 Extension Well, South Uist Exploration Well, Kelvin Development, Curlew C Development and Lyell Phase II Development.

Offshore OG EIA

Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements

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