decommissioning programs and scoping

Decommissioning Programmes and Scoping

Over the past 17 years BMT Cordah Ltd has gained extensive experience of providing support to decommissioning programmes and ensuring compliance with the requirements of key legislations and guidelines.

In a changing offshore industry, decommissioning of UKCS oil and gas installations and pipelines is becoming an increasingly active project area. Regulated under the Petroleum Act 1998, as amended by the Energy Act 2008, a decommissioning project begins several years before projected cessation of production.

With strong experience in offshore operations, impact assessment and consenting procedures, BMT Cordah is ideally placed to inform the project on environmental consenting and timings, and to manage these activities. 

Our decommissioning services cover a range of environmental issues associated with decommissioning, including:

  • Environmental support/secondment to decommissioning projects
  • Seabed environmental survey design
  • EIA Scoping Reports
  • EIA and Comparative EIA
  • Comparative Assessment
  • Decommissioning Programme
  • Consultation advice and support
  • Energy use and gaseous emissions
  • Advice and support with regulatory compliance
  • Environmental permits, licences and consents
  • Waste management strategy and planning
  • Management of cutting piles

Decommissioning Advice

Our personnel are fully aware of the legislation, and of the requirements of operators, regulators and stakeholders. We are experienced in working very closely with the operator’s decommissioning and project engineering teams including secondments of BMT Cordah personnel in operator’s offices.

Comparative Assessment

BMT Cordah facilitates development of bespoke and robust comparative assessment methods and is experienced at managing the comparative assessment process to ensure that an authoritative decision is reached. 

Environmental Impact Assessment

EnvID workshops, managed by BMT Cordah allow efficient evaluation of all potential methodologies and associated environmental impacts.

Survey Design

Development of tailored pre- and post-decommissioning survey scope of work to cover a range of facilities from:

  • platforms with large historical cuttings piles, to
  • subsea developments with dispersed cuttings

Scopes of work are designed to comply with UK and OSPAR guidelines and legislative requirements and incorporate historical survey data.

Energy and Emissions

BMT Cordah has also undertaken a number of energy and emission reports for decommissioning projects, including:

  • evaluation of energy and emissions at the concept or planning stages of the project
  • estimation of energy and emissions that would be associated with each decommissioning option

Decommissioning Research Studies

BMT Cordah has undertaken several detailed research studies which inform the decommissioning process, including:

  • generic assessment of the environmental impacts of different decommissioning options for all oil and gas installations in the UK North Sea
  • options for the treatment and disposal of historic drill cuttings
  • long-term modelling of the physical and chemical persistence of historic drill cuttings piles, and the potential release of chemicals to the marine environment

Decommissioning Programmes and Scoping

This is a brochure covering BMT Cordah's work in Decommissioning Programmes and Scoping.