Nems Accounter

Nems Accounter

Environmental data control and management, tailor-made for the oil and gas industry.

Nems Accounter® is a powerful environmental control and management system developed in collaboration with the oil and gas industry by Novatech AS, Norway. The system aids ISO 14001 compliance and meets key requirements of the OSPAR Recommendation 2003/5.

Clear Data Control with Powerful Reporting

Nems Accounter® is a secure web-based system allowing data input in a number of ways:

  • Online interface with existing data systems and data loggers
  • Data up-load from spreadsheets
  • Manual data entry

Once production, emission, discharge and waste data have been entered, they can be reviewed, aggregated, interpreted and reported.

Nems Accounter® can group and total data by month or year, and the data for a number of fields or individual facilities can be grouped to view total production volumes, emissions and discharges quantities. 

Data is controlled in a number of ways. While different data may be entered at different geographical locations e.g. production data from facility, waste data from waste contractor, all data is held centrally and instantly accessible by all authorised users. Data can also be approved and locked to prevent further changes.

All your routine and statutory reporting requirements can be met by Nems Accounter®. Statutory reporting, such as EEMS reports, can be instantly produced in XML and submitted directly to the EEMS system. There are various standard reports built in to the system, including monthly reports, and chemical and environmental reporting. In addition, any data can be exported to a spreadsheet programme for manipulation and reporting using standard office software.

Security & Accessibility

All data are held on secure servers, at a protected site which is both physically and electronically secure. User access is via three layers of security. Only named users can gain access, and the level of access can be restricted, e.g. read only, or read all but write only for production data. Contractors can be given access to just their data e.g. waste contractor only sees their waste fields for the facilities they have contracts for. 


Each username is associated with a “user role” detailed by the operator defining areas and levels of access. All access and data changes are logged; approved users can check the ‘changes log’ for any data field to see what was changed by whom and when. 

Other Benefits

Personalisation – there are a several aspects of Nems Accounter® that can be personalised to increase productivity and ease of use.

Unit conversion – each individual user can select their preferred units, with data being converted to the user’s preferences as required.

Filtering and sorting – the use of filters and sorting of data creates a powerful working environment, allowing data to be restricted and focused to that of interest.

ISO14001 compliance – Nems Accounter® automates ISO 14001 compliant handling of data. The system provides consistent information for management review, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, allowing evaluation and documentation of compliance. Positive comments about the Nems Accounter® system have been received in ISO and EMAS audits.

Training and Support

BMT Cordah has an agreement with Novatech AS for the marketing, sale and support of Nems Accounter® in the UK, with a team of staff experienced in the oil and gas industry, EMSs and Nems Accounter® specifically. We can organise a trial of the system for you to evaluate it within your company, and all licences include basic training in using the system. Nems Accounter® is an intuitive system to learn. BMT Cordah Limited will train your users and can continue to support and offer advice and assistance as required.

User Experience

“This looks very good. Great actually.”

HSE Manager, Talisman Energy Norge AS, on the reporting possibilities

“I found the database very easy to use... and so idiot-proof that I even managed to work my way through it on my own... Its ease of use makes it less of a dreaded task and so more likely to be done than put-off”

JG, Halliburton, after first time use of Nems Accounter 

Operators who have implemented Nems Accounter

BP Norge AS, Shell, Total, Talisman Energy, ExxonMobil and Dong Energy.

Nems Accounter

Nems Accounter

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