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Offshore Social Impact Assessment

BMT Cordah was contracted to undertake a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) connected to an offshore drilling programme within the Gulf of Sirte, Libya.

The purpose of the assessment was to contribute to the process of managing the sustainability and equity aspects of the interactions of the project with its surroundings. 

The SIA component was completed alongside a wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.  The main aims of the SIA component were to:

  • identify socio-economic issues that may be of concern to stakeholders within potentially affected communities;
  • provide an understanding of the socio-economic context in which the project operates;
  • identify where the project has potential positive and negative impacts on people and communities, and where these impacts could present risk and opportunities to the success of the project or to the reputation of the oil and gas company, both within Libya and internationally; and
  • identify ways of avoiding or minimising negative impacts and enhancing the social and economic benefits of the project, through contributions to the Environmental and Social Management Plan.

For the purpose of meeting the client’s Corporate Requirements, three principals of Sustainable Development were evaluated to determine how each aspect related to the drilling programme:

Economic Growth – refers to the underlying principle of economics: the efficient allocation and distribution of resources. 

Environmental Protection – concerns the maintenance of quality of natural resources such as air, water, coastal resources and agricultural land. 

Social Performance – refers to issues associated with people and their cultural heritage, their health and general well-being and equality of access to social and economic opportunities.

Results of the SIA process were used to generate a Social Management Plan for use by the client during the drilling project.